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Sage XD commissioned me to set the design system strategy taking their new brand identity designed by Wolff Olins into the design upgrade of their website and digital product environments. The new design elements would form the new design system to be used by global design teams and external agencies.

I set the high-level strategy and principles governing the user experience across the website and product environments. Once the strategy was approved the new website flows, pattern and component libraries were designed. Once these were approved, they were finessed, documented and we set the guidelines for the design system. 

Sage design strategy

My approach

I drew up a project plan and roadmap, setting down the process and resources required to manage delivery within the project timeframe. While we built a new team, we drew up an inventory of the patterns and components that would be delivered in the final design system. This defined the scope of work for the design phase.


I embarked on the initial audit and research phase to gather insight into the priority areas the design strategy needed to address. To manage the scale of the content that the design strategy would govern, I approached this from an experience design perspective, breaking down a range of levels of interaction, segmenting and ranking the range of experiences the user would be exposed to. I worked with the Creative Director in applying the new Wolff Olins brand identity system to this framework.

Moments of delight and brand moments were made more meaningful and memorable by removing or reducing the presence of decorative visual assets and creating more space for a subtle, nuanced brand experience. These were created through carefully crafted, strategically placed micro-interactions and animations. This removed UX blockers and allowed for increased conversion.


The product registration flow was a focus area because this typically bridged the website and product environments, and we needed to replace a fragmented UX with a seamless, branded one. I led a cross-functional design team in creating and documenting new journeys and flows, UX design templates and pattern libraries were created, documented and formed the basis of the new design system. By managing the usage of the new design assets according to the type of content, the result was smooth, seamless user journeys within a scalable system.

Final design is not shown. Contact me for more information.

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