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Research | Shopper journey mapping | Opportunities for innovation and shopper convenience | Brand strategy: Retail brand and portfolio of 11 private-label brands | Brand architecture | Brand migration framework | Design strategy | Brand identity for each new brand | Packaging design | Production | Creative Direction

Usave is a low-cost discount store with over 500 small-format stores serving lower-income markets. Their private label portfolio had a 'pure value' and 'generic' design strategy, but sales were dropping due to stiff competition. Audit and research revealed that an improved in-store experience could be created for shoppers through upgraded packaging design and more powerful, iconic brands that address consumer needs. The new strategy aimed to reposition Usave as a 'genuine competitor' with a more robust private-label portfolio.

The design strategy focused on creating iconic brands to feel like entrenched leaders without imitating their design or strategy. I established the brand architecture which supported the migration strategy, and new brands were developed to increase consumer trust and connection. The packaging was designed around strong brand narratives and bold personalities, resulting in a more emotive shopping experience that levelled the playing field with price-competitive brand leaders.

Usave private-label strategy
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