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The brand strategy developed for Breva guided the creation of a new brand that appealed to a discerning audience by addressing their aspirational and social need states, over and above their need for an alcohol-free lifestyle.


As a new player in the fiercely competitive alcohol-free beverage market, Breva recognized the importance of developing a unique and distinctive brand message, values and identity. The brand was purpose-driven, built around the idea of 'bravery', and the brand identity and proposition had to generate widespread recognition and convey an inspirational and aspirational ethos and messaging centred on this idea. I worked with the business owners to craft the brand strategy and architecture and create a uniquely focused value proposition and messaging matrix.

The brand essence was defined as "true courage is rewarded", and deeper analysis revealed the Blue Crane as a traditional cultural symbol of bravery, which became the primary brand trademark. To reinforce the purpose-driven brand values, I enlisted the expertise of renowned illustrator Doug Powell to develop the handcrafted logo device, adding a rich heraldic illustrative warmth to the identity. I set the strategic creative briefs and project roadmaps and led teams in generating innovative brand and packaging concepts, client approvals, creative reviews, artwork refinement and print production quality control.

Breva's pre-launch campaign created curiosity and the launch campaign was designed to inspire consumers to "rethink malt." through a vibrant visual language anchored by the timeless presence of the Blue Crane.

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