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Brand design

Brand Identity

Brand design is the strategic and creative expression of the brand strategy. The core brand identity system is supported by assets that bring business concepts to life. A well-crafted and strategic brand design system reflects the brand's essence, resonates with the target audience, and provides the toolkit for all brand content and digital product design.

Core Brand Identity
Assets, Explainers & Infographics
Brand Messaging

Scalable Identity System

Brand Identity
Assets, Explainers & Infographics

Core brand identity


Typographic system

Colour system

Layout grid

Graphic patterns and devices

Static and moving imagery

Tone of voice and messaging

The visual and verbal representation of a brand's values, personality, and essence.This is a living system, and each component has a symbiotic relationship with the other components. The system needs to factor in future additions and changes to accommodate company growth, new sub-brands, products and partnerships. I develop and evolve scalable systems of assets to create a brand foundation and toolkit and deliver the brand identity framework and style guide with usage guidelines and examples.

Brand Expression

An evolving library of static, 2D, 3D and motion assets that express the brand proposition and company data such as  Explainers, Infographics, dashboards, demos, pictograms and data visualisation libraries. These are used in websites, brochures and communications material to captivate the audience and convey complex information in a visually appealing and accessible way. These assets range in complexity and application and generally serve as visual narratives to explain concepts, products, or services, simplifying complex ideas and creating understanding in a memorable way. Depending on the scope and nature of the content, I develop assets personally, and I lead specialists where required.

Messaging Framework
Brand Purpose
Brand Positioning

Brand Messaging

The brand has a distinct tone of voice and messaging style organised in a framework for strategic expression. The tone of voice establishes the brand's verbal identity and personality, fosters emotional connections, and differentiates it from competitors. I develop the brand messaging framework, delivering a toolkit and guidelines for on-strategy essential messages that contribute to the central brand identity. 

Communicatons Strategy
Brand Architecture

Scalable Identity System

The scalable brand system is strategically designed to evolve alongside the company, taking into account future brand design expansions from the outset to ensure a cohesive representation and mitigate the risk of fragmentation. With the increasing number of brand and design decision-makers in a growing company, this system enables efficient decision-making without compromising brand performance, even under time pressure.

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