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Design + strategy combining UX + brand models for immersive, scalable cross-platform brand experience

Using the brand to deepen user engagement and connect experiences across digital products, platforms, and web journeys as they scale in functionality and complexity.

We apply two decades of experience in brand strategy and user-centred systems design to address challenges faced by brands today.

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Digital brand strategy

Digital Brand Strategy

The digital age offers limitless opportunities for powerful points of contact between people and brands. Often untapped and often in unexpected places.

Usability prioritises short-term satisfaction and completion of tasks, while brand experience prioritises long-term relationships and building trust. Our methods incorporate UX and Brand for the design of products and experiences that achieve immediate, and long-term ROI for organizations. 

Experience mapping

Digital Brand Experience

Brands have the power to make people feel connected and understood as more than statistical users, tapping through tasks to reach short-term goals. 

Emotion is a core element of every brand experience, reinforcing the brand's higher commercial purpose of deepening customer connections for long-lasting relationships. Ignoring the role of emotion in product design will strip digital journeys of distinction. Yet overplaying emotion in highly functional product enironments, or in web journeys at the enterprise level is as inappropriate as it is damaging.

Design Directorship

Addressing day to day design decisions and challenges as they come up while keeping the UX design process on-brand.

-Collaborating with design teams to provide guidance and support. Ensuring the brand is correctly applied when executing the strategy and product design. This involves making sure the design system, content, and messaging are all aligned with strategy.

The solution is often simpler than we think

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